Our days in Afghanistan helped in some way to shape who we are today.  The Afghanistan of our youth is gone, forever perhaps.  The country that we fell in love with needs our assistance.  The NGOs below are  connected in some way to the greater Scorpion family and they all do amazing work.  

Thank you

PARSA, a Scorpion effort to help Afghans.

" Founded in 1996, PARSA is a private non-governmental organization working directly with the disadvantaged people of Afghanistan.  PARSA supports communities as they make their own development solutions, focusing on promoting social change and a healthy and fair society for all people but especially women and children."

American University of Afghanistan (located at the AISK site).


"AUAF is the only private, not-for-profit, independent university chartered under the Afghan Constitution and Ministry of Higher Education of the Afghan government.  It was founded in 2006 by Dr. Sharif Fayez, a former Minister of Higher Education.  AUAF is dedicated to providing a world-class higher education that prepares students from Afghanistan and the region to be tomorrow's leaders.  The university promotes an atmosphere of tolerance, hard work, intellectual rigor, and freedom of expression."

Afghanistan Center at Kabul University, funded by the Dupree Foundation, an effort to preserve information and documents pertaining to recent Afghan history.


"A primary Foundation goal is to ensure the sustainability of the Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University (ACKU).  Programs offer Afghans from all walks of life, especially the youth, incentives to acquire and employ information that will help them address the challenges of rebuilding their nation.  These activities also involve students and scholars from abroad so as to raise international understanding of Afghanistan, its culture and its aspirations."