As per current CDC guidelines
  • Provide proof of full vaccination, including all boosters, a month out from the event;
  • If not fully vaccinated or not boosted, provide a negative PCR test (within 48 hrs) 
  • We highly recommend that everyone wear a mask when indoors if the percentage of new cases exceeds 5%
 We will continue to monitor the situation and modify guidelines depending on the situation closer to the reunion date.   Covid guidance and updates will be posted on the reunion website. 

 Note:  All the customer facing staff at Holiday Inn Vanderbilt and on the cruise will be masked. 

When we signed the contract with Holiday Inn Vanderbilt last year, it seemed that the pandemic was behind us and we could finally have a gathering of Scorpions.    We were looking forward to being together and recapturing some of the magic that Afghanistan and its people cast upon us so long ago.  To paraphrase a Scorpion, “I am most at home when I am with my tribe”. 

But then, Omicron hit, leading to safety concerns within the greater Scorpion community.  AISK reunion committees always do their best to ensure that all are welcome.  Unfortunately, this time the perception for some may be different.  No matter what we do or do not do in terms of Covid mitigation, folks will be upset. Which is why we reached out to all who had ‘committed to definitely attending’ for your vote.  This is the breakdown.  Majority would attend regardless, and a significant number would only attend with rules. 

Organizing a reunion is challenging enough in the best of times, but even more so now.  Reunion committees take a calculated financial risk which mostly works out.  In order to ensure that this reunion is financially viable we need to ensure that we maximize attendance.  We are saddened and disheartened that our Covid Rules may result in some people feeling excluded.  Regrettably, we have no choice.