WINNERS of the Free Suite upgrades are:
Ellen Brandt (Reunion Registration Pool Winner)
Dave Fliehr aka Gas Guzzler (Warwick Hotel Reservation Pool Winner)

Winners were picked using an Excel random selection formula!!

Thank you all who sent in your payments by April 1 and also made room reservations at the Warwick by the Raffle deadline.  

This is the list of names in each of the Raffle Pools.
Raffle - Reunion  Registration Raffle - Hotel Reservation
Andy McClure Anna Hacker
Anna Hacker Atta Kazimi
Anna Maripuu Brendan Kelly
Bechy Nankivell Bruce MacMakin
Beth Green Chris Young
Bill Stiefel Chuck Galloway
Brendan Kelly Connie Duncan
Bruce MacMakin Dan Green
Carrie Owens Dave Dustin
Charlie McClure Dave Richards
Chris Young Dave Sperry
Christine Plumb Gordon Dennis Fitzhugh
Chuck Gallaway Diane Lewis
Cindy Leggiadro Donna Whittaker
Connie Duncan Jan Michael Torbeck
Dan Green Jane Stiefel
Dave Fliehr Jody Nankivell Herriott
Dave Holleb Karl Rose
Dave Richards Ken Colman
Dave Sperry Ken Lanza
Debbie Gallaway Kirk Brandt
Debbie Mullen Keane Lisa Gurney Conyers
Delia Bertoni Luba Ginovska
Dennis Fitzhugh Maria Reyes Eoff
Diane Cutler Lewis Mark Flatin
Donna Fortune Young Marsha Wilson Drier
Donna Sewell Whittaker Martha Lager Oczkowski
Elaine Duncan Mary Meadows Pyburn
Elena Leggiadro Molly Alexander
Ellen Brandt Regina Brescia Holleb
Flatin, Mark Rod Olson
Gwen Phillips Satish Alreja
Hazen Reich Steve Haktanir
Jan Michael Torbeck Taressa Snelling Fisher
Janet Lowe Craven Wendy BlumhagenTyler
Jody Nankivell Herriott  
Karyn Blumhagen  
Kat Joel-Reich  
Ken Colman  
Ken Lanza  
Kieran Kelly  
Kirk Brandt  
Leta Neat Sperry  
Lisa Gurney Conyers  
Louise Stewart Kemp  
Luba Ginovska  
Maria Reyes Eoff  
Marisa Fitzhugh  
Marty Lager Oczkowski  
Mary (Meadows) Pyburn  
Minakshi Bodhraja Alreja  
Molly Alexander  
Nancy York  
Ralph Lay  
Regina Brescia Holleb  
Richard Young  
Robert Eoff  
Robin Rutherford  
Rod Olson  
Ruth Stewart Wilkes  
Satish Alreja  
Steve Haktanir  
Stiefel, Jane  
Taressa Snelling Fisher  
Tim Kelly  
Tim McTaggart  
Vera Uyehara  
Wendy Blumhagen Tyler  
Yannick Albright Phillips  

Salaam Dear Scorpions,
Just 5 months and 16 days left till we meet!
Thank you for sending in your registrations.  A very special thashakor to the anonymous donors who’ve contributed to the Reunion Fund.  Don’t forget the April 1 deadline to have your names entered in the raffle pools.
Also, thanks to all those who’ve responded to the informal picnic transport poll! 
As a way to raise money for the reunion seed fund, we are offering 50% discount on upgrades to 2 King Executive Suites.  Each of the upgrades is for 3 nights (August 1 – August 4).  The suites have 1 King bed and a Queen pullout couch. 
  • Regular upgrade price (per suite) for 3 nights:  $169 + $80 per night * 3 = $747
  • Discount upgrade (per suite) for 3 nights:  $169 + $40 per night * 3 = $627
  • Savings to you $120 total for 3 nights
  • Donation to the seed fund = $120 per suite
This offer is open till March 31 and is on a first come first served basis.  If you are interested, please contact us at aisk.reunion@gmail.com for details.
The Reunion Committee
Doriana Bertoni Gould, Coco Connor, Lakshmi Nagarajan
Eric Claussen, Ron Hoopes, Dave Mullen


Early Bird Raffles, Registrations, Hotel Reservations, T-Shirts!!!

Early Bird Raffles

The deadline is April 1, 2019.  There will be two raffle drawings at the Reception on Thursday, August 1.  All registrations received by April 1 will automatically be included in the 'Registration Pool'.  All hotel bookings as of April 1 will be included in the 'Hotel Reservations Pool'.  The free upgrades to a King Suite drawing will be done online in early April, as that is based on availability.  

Reunion Registration Prizes

  • Mahan's Southern Gourmet Sauce (donated by Robbie Mahan)
  • ​"Afghan Food & Cookery: Noshe Djan" cookbook by Helen Saberi
  • $25 Gift Certificate to Randolph's Restaurant & Bar at Warwick Denver Hotel (donated by Warwick Denver Hotel)
  • Afghan Mouse Pad (donated by Doriana Bertoni Gould)
  • Shawl, hand knit by Karyn Blumhagen (donated by Karyn Blumhagen)
  • Laki's fresh ground spice blends (donated by Lakshmi Nagarajan)
  • Free upgrade to a King Executive Suite  for 3 nights, August 1 - August 4 (donated by Warwick Denver Hotel)
  • Scorpion T-shirt, designed by Coco Connor and her daughter Jacqueline Connor (donated by Coco Connor)
Room Reservation Prizes
  • Mahan's Southern Gourmet Sauce (donated by Robbie Mahan)
  • "The New Way to Cook Light" by Scott Mowbray and Ann Taylor Pittman.  A James Beard award winning hardcover cookbook (donated by Scott Mowbray)
  • $25 Gift Certificat to Randolph's Restaurant & Bar at Warwick Denver Hotel (donated by Warwick Denver Hotel)
  • Needlework:  "Map of Afghanistan on a box cover", designed and crafted by Vera Uyehara (donated by Vera Uyehara)
  • Laki's fresh ground spice blends (donated by Lakshmi Nagarajan)
  • Free upgrade to a King Executive Suite for 3 nights, August 1 - August 4 (donated by Warwick Denver Hotel)
  • Scorpion T-shirt.  Designed by Coco Connor and her daughter Jacqueline Connor (donated by Coco Connor)
  • Bottle of wine (donated by Doriana Bertoni Gould)

Scorpion T-Shirt Orders

Designed by Coco Connor & her daughter Jacqueline Connor.  These t-shirts may be ordered online using the link below.  To save cost, the t-shirts will be shipped to Coco and will be handed out at the reunion.

Picnic at Mullen's!!

Check out details by clicking on link below.
Dave and Cynthia Mullen have very kindly offered to host  a picnic in their lovely spacious backyard.  The cost of $35 per person includes transportation, food, and beverages.  We need a head count ASAP in order to book transport to/from the Mullen's.  Please take the poll on the Facebook page, send us an email, or RSVP on this site.  
  • Yes, I will be attending the picnic
  • No, I will not attend the picnic but will be at the reunion.

Some deadlines to keep in mind.
  • Early Bird Raffle entries for reunion registration and hotel bookings is April 1, 2019!!!!  Details to be announced soon, including list of great prizes.
  • Reunion registration cutoff is June 1, 2019 at $175.  Between June 2 and July 1, it is $195.  
  • Hotel booking cutoff is June 30, 2019

We have received our first registration!!! Yay!!!  Please send in your registration early and also book your rooms.  Check the Hotel and Registration Info tabs for details.  And don't forget the Early Bird Raffles.  

Registration payment via PayPal is an option and our preference.  If you do use PayPal, please include the cost breakdown & your registration details in the Notes section and you won't need to send anything via snail mail!!!! 

The RSVP page is up on this site.  It would be very helpful if you could fill this out asap.  It helps us with the planning.

Thank you!


Now that summer is over, it is time to refocus on the reunion.  The next big step is REGISTERING for the reunion and RESERVING your rooms at the Warwick Denver Hotel.  In order for us to fund the reunion, as well as meet our hotel contractual obligations, it is crucial that registrations and hotel room reservations be done as early as possible. 
  • Registration for AISK Mile High Reunion                 --         by June 1, 2019
  • Warwick Denver guest room reservations                  --         by June 1, 2019
  • Thur, Aug 1st           6:00pm – 9:00pm     Registration/Reception
  • Fri, Aug 2nd             6:00pm -- 9:00pm     Mile High Picnic at Dave Mullen’s (optional)
  • Sat, Aug 3rd           6:00pm – Midnight   Dinner/Dance

There will be two separate drawings for each of the raffles.
  • Early Bird Registration Raffle           –             all payments received by February 1, 2019
  • Early Bird Hotel Bookings Raffle      –             all bookings as of February 1, 2019
If you have ANY questions regarding the registration form, accommodations, accessibility concerns, the agenda, or other event related matters, please contact any one of us via email at aisk.reunion@gmail.com, or Facebook, and we will do our best to get you the correct answer.
  • Book your room(s) at Warwick Denver Hotel:  (800) 525-2888 or  (303) 861-2000 and mention ‘AISK Denver Reunion’.  The cost is $169/night per room.    Check Hotel Information tab regarding upgrade and triple/quad sharing details.  
  • Send in your registration fee.
Thank you for your participation in making this a most memorable event!