Salaam Scorpions,

Negotiations are currently in progress to finalize our AISK Grand Ole Reunion 2022 .  As soon as we have the hotel contract signed, the reunion committee will send out final details on hotel and room rates, registration fees, etc.  We hope to have everything finalized in the next couple of weeks.  Thank you for your patience.  Please, do not send in your registration fees just yet.  
As some of you may know from Carrie's Facebook post, she has decided to step down from the reunion committee as it's been difficult to juggle the pressures of being an RN during these stressful times as well as reunion planning. Thank you Carrie for all your hard work in getting this reunion going! 
Nashville Reunion Committee 2022
Laura Gentry, Taressa Snelling Fisher, Phil Hartsig
Doriana Bertoni Gould, Coco Connor, Lakshmi Nagarajan
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