AISK Grand Ole Reunion
Nashville, Tennessee   USA
September 8-11, 2022
It was yet another wonderfully long weekend with our own special tribe of friends.  It was indeed a "Grand Ole Reunion".  
A great big thank you to Andy and Donella Lay for the class and group photos.  We all really appreciate the time and effort it took to set up the group photo!  Check out the photos on Andy Lay's website under the AISK gallery.
The photobooth was a blast!.  The photostrips as well as individual images are available for sharing and download from links below.  Please note these links will be available only for a couple of weeks.  The Saturday morning Speaker's event featured Chris Brown and Diane Cutler Lewis reading excerpts from each of their books.  Both of the books are available on Amazon:   The Friday evening and Saturday morning Speakers events sparked a spontaneous effort to help Afghans.  A fundraiser resulted in $27K being pledged towards this cause.  This effort is being led by Maria & Robert Eoff, Pete Alexander, and Azam Anwar.  We've heard from a few people asking for updates and information regarding this cause.  Please direct your inquiries to:
  • Pete Alexander
  • Maria & Robert Eoff
  • Azam Anwar